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  1. The Friends of Art Committee (FOAC), St Kevin’s College is responsible for the management of the Omnia Art Prize. The Artist enters into an agreement with FOAC with regards to all the terms and conditions outlined below and for all purposes associated with the Omnia Art Prize exhibition and sale of artwork.
  2. Entry is open to Australian-resident artists and Australian-citizen artists living abroad.
  3. Artwork must be an original artwork.
  4. The Artist cannot submit an artwork if it has been submitted previously.
  5. The Artist agrees to make available for sale all submitted works for the full exhibition period from May 24-26 with an extended sale through our online shop following the exhibition until June 30th.
  6. The decision of the appointed judge shall be final.
  7. A 25% commission fee will be retained of the sale price for any artwork sold as a result of the exhibition and/or online catalogue.
  8. FOAC reserves the right, at its absolute and sole discretion, to reject, at any time, any artwork submitted by an Artist to the Omnia Art Prize.
  9. The Artist grants the right to reproduce their artwork and biographical material, by any means, in any media, for promotional purposes of the Omnia Art Prize. The Artist will be properly acknowledged in such promotional material.
  10. Artwork must be professionally presented for hanging and display. Paper and photography artwork must be framed and include D-rings or hanging wire.
  11. The Artist is responsible for the transport of their artwork to and from St Kevin’s College on the artwork delivery and collection dates. This includes freight and transport costs (including insurance) in both directions.
  12. Artwork delivered must be securely wrapped and clearly labelled.
  13. We will take all reasonable care when handling artworks.
  14. The Artist agrees that the FOAC is not responsible for loss, theft or damage whatsoever to the entered artwork from delivery of the artwork until collection by the Artist, or their representative, or purchaser.
  15. Where an Artist or FOAC is unable to perform its obligations under any terms and conditions because of acts of God, strikes, equipment issues, damage or other causes reasonably beyond their control, they shall not be liable to the other for any damages resulting from the failure to perform such obligations.
  16. If the Omnia Art Prize is cancelled for any reason, the Artists will be refunded the $35.00 entry fee.
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